Facebook statuses for the year 2025

Does anyone still use this thing? Lol

Remember when those Spongebob memes were a thing? God, that feels like so long ago.

If I see one more Gatsby-themed party pop up on my timeline... We get it. It's the roaring 20's. Good on ya.

Здравствуйте товарищи

Dude, this doublespeak thing looked so much worse in 1984.

We really thought we'd have hover cars by now. Instead, we've got more memes of Kermit the Frog.

At least Seth MacFarlene's still going strong

That's what we waited for? That's where they went with Star Wars? Really? Solo was so much better. #BringBackHan

Convince your plant to live

You're so beautiful! My life hasn't been the same since you've become a part of it. I look at you every morning when I wake up. Your vibrancy gives me hope. Every glimpse of you reminds me of good times, of serenity, of peace. The smell of you wakes me up, encourages me to recognize the beauty and light around me. "Wake up and smell the roses" is not just a phrase anymore. It saddens me to watch you wilt, to see the life you might've had, the wonders you might've created. I can't imagine what I'll do with the space when you leave. You brighten the days of those around you! But you musn't stay for my and my selfish reasons. You have to live because the sun shining upon your face gives you life, because the water you drink keeps you strong! You must live because the Earth wants you to stand tall; you need to live so others might. Though a heavy burden to bear, I know you are strong enough. You need to live so that you can see the smiling faces around you, so that you can feel the soft breeze.

But, ultimately, you must live because you want to. And, my dear orchid, I hope you do.

What can happen in a second?

Their eyes locked. Her heart gave a funny flutter; her lips parted as her breath caught. Dimly, she registered that his eyes were the color of the sea.

A strange, strangled sound escaped my lips. I am weightless. The world stills, the room holding its breath. The only thing anchoring me is my foot caught on the leg of the table.

It's that moment between when you jump and when you land. That moment that's too quick for your mind to capture and make sense of all of your thoughts. So, you just feel pure, unadulterated emotion. It's the moment after you think, "What have I done?" The moment where you're completely free, filled with equal parts joy and fear. It's intoxicating.

Emotions flit past like falling rain, each too fast to catch and understand.

He looked down at the bundle in his arms. She squirmed, yawning, and finally opened her eyes. They were the deepest shade of brown, like nothing he'd ever seen before. In that moment, in that instant, he became the father of the most precious girl in the universe. She looked up at him with those big brown eyes and the world stopped.

Friday Blogs

Happy Friday!

The best day of the week, in my opinion, will be a little different from the rest of the blog topics. A few years back I got this nifty little book full of writing prompts. And now you, my dear readers, get to, well, read them.

Each week, I'll post a different prompt and my response to it. Feel free to write a story of your own and send it to me via the contact page! I'm still building my website and working out the kinks, but I do hope to be able to post your prompt responses here, too.

As always, happy reading and writing! And have an epic weekend!