Here are a list of the conventions I'm currently scheduled to attend. Come and see me!

March 2-3
Comic Con Revolution
West Palm Beach, FL

March 15-17
Omni Fandom Expo
Orlando, FL

May 16-19
Orlando, FL

May 26-27
Miami, FL

June 22-23
Ocala Comic Con
Ocala, FL

July 4-7
Florida SuperCon
Miami, FL

August 2-4
Tampa Bay Comic Con
Tampa Bay, FL

August 9-11
Anime Festival Orlando (AFO)
Orlando, FL

October 25-27
Lumi Con
Tampa, FL

Invite Jordi Burton!

We love comic book and literary conventions, and we’d be happy to come to yours! If you’re interested in inviting author Jordi Burton to your event, contact me.

Please provide information about your event, including attendance estimates and previous years' efforts. I'm based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, so I prefer events in South Florida (driving distances less than 15 hours).

I'd love to share my little worlds with you!