Convince your plant to live

You're so beautiful! My life hasn't been the same since you've become a part of it. I look at you every morning when I wake up. Your vibrancy gives me hope. Every glimpse of you reminds me of good times, of serenity, of peace. The smell of you wakes me up, encourages me to recognize the beauty and light around me. "Wake up and smell the roses" is not just a phrase anymore. It saddens me to watch you wilt, to see the life you might've had, the wonders you might've created. I can't imagine what I'll do with the space when you leave. You brighten the days of those around you! But you musn't stay for my and my selfish reasons. You have to live because the sun shining upon your face gives you life, because the water you drink keeps you strong! You must live because the Earth wants you to stand tall; you need to live so others might. Though a heavy burden to bear, I know you are strong enough. You need to live so that you can see the smiling faces around you, so that you can feel the soft breeze.

But, ultimately, you must live because you want to. And, my dear orchid, I hope you do.

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