Horde (2013)

By: Anne Aguire

So, the zombies have amassed into a… you guessed it: horde. Deuce’s town is surrounded, and it’s up to her and her merry band of fellows to defend what they all hold dear. However, there are twists you don’t see coming.

This was an incredible end to the trilogy. The end was perfect, not too saccharine, not to prickly. Honestly, I can’t praise these books enough. Go read them!

Outpost (2012)

By: Anne Aguire

This sequel was just as great as the first. This time, Deuce and Fade find themselves in a small town of sorts. However, they’re faced with the fact that in this society, neither are considered adults, and the majority of people are painfully sexist. Plus, the zombies are getting worse. They’re evolving in a way no one thought possible, and Deuce may just be able to force her way onto the male-only warrior squad.

As with the first book, I loved the writing, the world, the characters, everything. I highly recommend this book if you’re good with gore and violence.

Enclave (2011)

By: Ann Aguirre

I loved this series. In a dystopic future, 15-year-old Deuce is cast out her underground home, and must try and fend for herself on the surface—which is supposed to be toxic to humans. It turns out the surface isn’t poisonous, but it is treacherous. There are zombie-like creatures that could kill them at any turn, and a Mad Max-like group of cannibals hunting her and her partner, Fade.

This book helped me believe in YA books again. Honestly, I loved Deuce’s strength, and I loved the pacing of the story. Everything unfolded in just the right way. And the world was built in a believable way. It sort of reminded me of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, but grittier. 10/10 read these books.