Enclave (2011)

By: Ann Aguirre

I loved this series. In a dystopic future, 15-year-old Deuce is cast out her underground home, and must try and fend for herself on the surface—which is supposed to be toxic to humans. It turns out the surface isn’t poisonous, but it is treacherous. There are zombie-like creatures that could kill them at any turn, and a Mad Max-like group of cannibals hunting her and her partner, Fade.

This book helped me believe in YA books again. Honestly, I loved Deuce’s strength, and I loved the pacing of the story. Everything unfolded in just the right way. And the world was built in a believable way. It sort of reminded me of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, but grittier. 10/10 read these books.

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