The Pearl Savage (2011) 2nd Ed. (2014)

By: Tamara Rose Blodgett

Long ago, there was a Big Bad that forced people to live in bio-spheres, sealed off from the outside world. Their air is recycled, everyone’s pale from lack of direct sunlight, and, of course, they’re all terrified of the outside world. That is, until the Savages break into the sphere and steal the Princess away from her abusive mother.

As a whole, this novel was entertaining. Although, I started reading it because it was labeled as a dark paranormal romance. There is nothing paranormal about this series. It’s more dystopic/steampunk/Pocahontas than anything else. That being said, the points of view give interesting insights into the characters, but it does fall back on the dreaded love triangle and damsel in distress tropes. Plus, the best friend is in love with the protagonist and she has no idea.

But this is a really interesting world. I’d give this a fifty-fifty chance. Check it out if you’re on the fence about what to read.

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