Julieus: God of Creation

Upon the creation of the world, stones collided and exploded. The God of Creation, Julieus, sprang forth from the explosion, fully formed. He is said to have shaken the dust from his robes, looked about the barren land, and covered everything in sight with gold.

Where the Goddess Kristana built the natural world, Julieus created material items, decorating the land with marble and gemstones. He was the one to inspire the First People to build grand buildings in honor of him and the material items he so greatly valued. As such, he takes great pride in the beauty of things, and surrounds himself with splendor.

The God of Creation is best known for the shimmering, glass-like stones that surround the Wishing Tree in the Forest of Luas. They reflect the Wishing Flowers on the branches, thus reflecting the beauty of Kristana’s creations—so they may be forever remembered together.

His direct descendants are the tradesmen, those that create material things to better the world around them. He is celebrated during Mramur, a holiday dedicated to the material, and people often craft elaborate items in his honor during this time.

Like his precious gemstones, however, Julieus can be cold. He values justice above all else, and is quite rigid with his decisions.

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