Humurse: The Warrior God

The Warrior God burst forth from the world’s first earthquake, shrouded in a light of gold. He is said to look like he is surrounded in a gold aura, which matches the sword he always keeps at his belt. Where his counterpart, Razibelle, protects the Gardens of Luas, Humurse watches over the natural world and its inhabitants.

Humurse is best known for his slaying of the Great Fears that plagued the First People, saving them from extinction. There is said to be a mark upon the earth where he appeared in a flash of light in the Old World, though it has been lost to time.

The Warrior God is closely related to the summer, and is therefore celebrated during the celebration of the midsummer, Serendit Leva. His descendants are the warriors and blacksmiths, known for their creation and application of weapons to protect the Nadmilise. He has been known to intervene on behalf of the people, when they are on the verge of destruction. As such, he has closer contact with his descendants than the other Gods and Angels, save his wife, Razibelle. They are very rarely seen without each other.

Where Razibelle seems to be the personification of winter, Humurse is summer. He is warm and kind, and resorts to force only when it is absolutely necessary.

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