The Island (2016)

By: S. Usher Evans

The two countries of Madion have been at war for far to long. But when an air skirmish goes awry, leaving a pilot from one country, and the prince from the other, alone on a deserted island, they must work together to survive. And they learn fascinating things about themselves and their respective countries along the way.

Let me preface this by saying I’ll read anything S. Usher Evans writes. I really like her writing style, and I’m a fan of her storylines. That being said, I thought this was artfully crafted. The trapped on an island narrative can be overdone, but this was truly engaging. However, I found that towards the end of the novel, the spunky female pilot devolved into a damsel in distress. Of which I was not a fan. But that’s just a personal thing for me. You should definitely read anything Sush has written.

Shameless plug: check out her other books here. I recommend the space pirates.

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