Phantom of the Opera (1910)

By: Gaston Leroux

The story is very similar to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage adaptation, following the mysterious Phantom and his plight to win opera singer Christine Daae’s heart. This version of the novel delves deeper into the Phantom’s torture of people, as well as the Managers’ roles in irking the Phantom, and pushes Christine’s damsel in distress-ness. However, Leroux does an exceptional job describing the Phantom’s grotesque features, as well as the mystery of it all. As he was a lawyer and crime writer before publishing Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, it’s safe to say he used real life to influence his creativity.

This book is a great example of an omniscient narrator. That being said, though this is an interesting supplement to both the musical and movie, the writing is dated. If you have an interest in the story of the Phantom, it’s a good read. Otherwise, go get yourself some Emmy Rossum and enjoy.

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