Lumise: The Goddess of Healing

The youngest of the Gods and Angels, Lumise, the Goddess of Healing, was created by the breath of a prayer for help. She guided the First People to healing herbs, and even imbued a sliver of her own power into the Nadmilise, allowing them to access the ability to heal others.

Lumise is best known for ending the plague that swept through the Old World, revealing herself to the early Nadmilise. She is the only God or Angel that showed her true face to the people, instead of shrouding herself with godly light. As such, there are many statues of her likeness across the Old World, and quite a few in Jacqueline.

She is deeply connected to the springtime, rebirth, and the herbs that grow after the frosts. She is therefore celebrated during Bulalae, the holiday in the springtime.

Her direct descendants are the healers, who wear gold leaf jewelry to honor her. They often feel a surge of power during Bulalae. Because of that, many people go to healers during the celebration, to seek treatment for ailments that would otherwise seem impossible to heal.

The Goddess of Healing is soft-spoken and generous, and has a gentle beauty.

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