Luke: The Angel of Healing

The Angel of Healing, Luke, was actually born a human, long after the rest of the races had been created. He showed tremendous compassion, and worked alongside the Goddess Lumise to eradicate the plague, before he knew her true identity. They grew fond of each other, and she saw his stubborn, unrelenting way of healing those infected, the way he refused to give up hope. As such, Lumise worked with the other Gods and Angels to elevate Luke from a human to an Angel, whereupon he joined them in the Garden of Luas.

Though Luke was once human, his appearance is something of a mystery. There are no records of anyone seeing him in person, which may have something to do with his lowly upbringing.

The Angel of Healing is known best for his ferrying of souls to the Garden of Luas, and his healing of those souls in mourning. He watches over those transitioning to the Garden of Luas, having done something very similar himself, and cares for those that have lost loved ones, as he did for his own family when he joined the Gods and Angels.

He is closely associated with springtime and renewal, and his direct descendants are the Knowledgists. Like him, they constantly seek to understand what they didn’t before, looking to elevate themselves as he did. As such, many libraries and monasteries dedicated to knowledgists are built for Luke.

Not much is known of his demeanor, though he is suspected of being the same driven, compassionate man he was when he met Lumise.

Razibelle: Warrior Angel

In the wee hours of the creation of the world, lightning struck a large oak tree, splintering its trunk. It is said that the Warrior Angel, Razibelle, flew forth from the shattered wood with a shimmering sword, her wings singed and smoking. Those that have seen her say that she radiates a light from within, like that of a bright candle, making it impossible to see anything other than her gossamer wings, and her white blonde hair.

The Warrior Angel is best known for her defeat of the Great Evil, mere hours after her birth. She stands sentry over the gates of Luas, keeping the Gods and Angels—and the souls of the deceased—safe.

She is closely associated with the winter, known for its icy beauty, and is therefore celebrated during Syvatki, the yuletide. Her descendants are the Nadmilise royal family, known for their violet eyes, said to be the same shade as her own.

As a warrior, she is strong and fierce. She is said to be swift of sword and thought, with a steel will and ferocious determination.

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